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Welcome to Zeno School

Zeno School offers inspirational school chess clubs for children aged 7+. We also cater for private chess coaching and mathematics tuition up to A level including Further Maths.

Who is Zeno School for?

  • Schools that would like to run a chess club
  • Children who love chess and would welcome some extra coaching to improve their playing strength
  • Students who get butterflies in the stomach before maths lessons, and would like to grow in confidence in mathematics without the fear of failing
  • Students who do not get butterflies in the stomach before maths lessons, but they long for more in-depth understanding of the subject or would like to prepare for their GCSE or A level exams.

Zeno the Italian philosopher has written about forty paradoxes on why motion, or in general, change was impossible. They continue to puzzle, influence and inspire people to the current day.

Puzzles and paradoxes are superb mediums for education, and it is only through creative problem solving that real progress can be made in both chess and mathematics.